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Picnic Date by Katherine Murray

Roughly accurate to the Sweet 1600 dolls. I love Monster High and just had to do some fan art! :3


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Magical girl is not something you can retire from …. 

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Josie and the Pussycats in “Musical Evolution” x

Coolest promo ever created

Real talk though, this is one of the coolest tributes to a classic cartoon with the most interesting animation in it I’ve ever seen, look how wonderful it is.




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I’ve gotten some new followers lately. Hi there! Full-disclosure, I post/reblog a TON of feminism, body positivity, supernatural, marvel/dc, monster high, sex positivity, sex education, pro-choice and pro-autonomy stuff all on this blog  so if any of that doesn’t sit well with you, please do what you need to keep yourself comfortable and happy in your tumblr experience! 

Also gonna plug my follower project here, in case anyone’s interested =O

I’m not really into EAH because I find their heads to be obnoxiously bulbous and flat-faced, but hot DANG do they have some impressive styles! I wish the sculpts were more similar between EAH and MH, then I would probably pick up some EAH dolls just to steal their clothes for my MH ghouls lol


I don’t know if I can deal with “what’s shakin bacon” becoming a thing. 

Just send a (link to a) pic of Bacos. 

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Gentle Ben

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Seriously?  Why is this even a question?

You know a man wrote this question. There are a LOT more sizes beyond DD and boobs are not cups of coffee, you can’t just measure them by small/medium/large.



I think Gilda looks so 1960’s chic. 

Oh wow she looks so cute! Really tempting me to buy her :( 💜

I definitely hope I can get ahold of a Gilda at some point. Love her horns!

noelflsher asked:
How would you respond to someone who believes women aren't fit to serve in the military?



Also gotta shout out the irony of

Misogynists: The draft and horrible treatment of male veterans is proof that sexism against men exists!
Misogynists: Women are fragile and unfit for combat or a military career!

Which is it, dudebros?


bisexual and pansexual people are actually made of stardust and flames and are immortal pass it on

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demonize poor women for wanting to terminate pregnancy they can’t afford

demonize poor women for applying for government assistance to raise the child they didn’t want because they couldn’t afford it by referring to them as “welfare queens”


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At what point do you take girls out of school altogether because boys can’t handle it?


-  Parent of a female teen whose school banned leggings (via yball)

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